How We Give

 Behold & See Company gives 10% of our yearly profits to Hogares Providencia I.A.P an orphanage in the heart of Mexico City. We provide to 95 children that are in need, from the ages of 4 months old to 18 years old. Hogares Providencia I.A.P is an organization that we are in partner with to give children necessities and learning skills to provide them skills for a better future.

A year ago we went to visit our kids and were able to provide each one with a brand new wool blanket and a goody-bag filled with food and candy, which they loved. In Mexico the system is different we found out, was that each child is dropped off when their family can no longer take care of them, but once the parent is able to provide a home or is back on their feet, children can return home. Some stay and some go, but through the process they have hope. Each of on them taught us a valuable lesson that day we met them all, that with hope comes love and with love comes friendships. 

Through our company we are able to give back to those that matter and hope to continue to give back through our mission.