Should we go to Julian?

Driving up to Julian again.  This marks 10 or 11 times driving through San Marcos into Escondido, then Ramona. For Bryan, he remembers school bus trips up to the town for apple pie and gold mine exhibits. For me, I didn't grow up around the area so I have a very recent love for the "quaint town in the woods." 

An excuse to drive up for a few product shots lends itself to indulgent in apple pie eating and kitsch/ antique store shopping. No matter how early we come, we never seem to get enough time. The darn town has less streets than I have fingers, but it the appeal never seems to get lost. Call me easy to please, and I wouldn't argue with you. 

We went up early in the development of Behold & See because Julian was the nearest place Bryan could think to capture the nature feel.  Later months gave us camping trips, hikes, and exploring which made the bond to Julian and the surrounding area stronger.  

Many ghost towns have been forgotten, abandoned due to the migration of industry.  There are a few number of small heritage towns that have been preserved, and transformed over the years. These towns hold an important place for culture.  The physical landmark of history.  You drive away from the day to day, yearning for an escape; perhaps just a simple departure from the norm and find exactly what you were asking for? 

For us, Julian embodies a lot. But above all else, it excites us to know that it is there for us. To inspire us, to take us, and to nourish us. We are excited to find other Julians in other places in this country; the secret places, the old places, the forgotten places that only the locals know about. Behold & See uniqueness in the mundane. The Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.


Tell us where to go, and hopefully we can meet you there. 


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