In The Cabin At The Foot Of The Cold Mountain

There's a cabin at the foot of the cold mountain. Two new residents park their luggage by the front door, the snow on their boots are starting to drip onto the hardwood floor.

This isn’t the only cabin at the foot of the cold mountain. There’s a whole town with shops, restaurants, and rows on rows of houses that look quite similar to the one that this cabin is attached to.


Looking at the exterior of the cabin there’s nothing especially unique that sets it apart from the others in the town. But the two travelers inside have something special about them, a presence that is missing from every other home on the block.

During this time of the year, the cold mountain sees many visitors. People come to play in the snow, riding downsides of the cold mountain on skis and snowboards. They come to go sledding and tubing. This area is secluded most times of the year.  The popularity may be due to the fact that surrounding the cold mountain are warm deserts and valleys populated with congested noisy cities.   

In the living room of the cabin, He grabs his small overnight bag and starts to unpack for the night as she gets acquainted with their temporary home. A fairly rustic cabin with a few modern amenities. “Alexa! Play The Silence by Manchester Orchestra.” Her current favorite song.


6 hours ago he was frustratingly forcing chains around the front tires of the Dodge Caravan they rented questioning why the hell he said yes to going on this trip.  Bad childhood memories made him slightly less than eager to spend a day in the snow. But she loved the snow and everything about being on the mountain, so with her excitement counterbalancing his reluctance, and with the chains firmly fastened around the two front tires off they went up the winding two-lane highway that would lead them to the base of the cold mountain.

Maybe it was the first glimpse of heavy snow on the ground? They had heard that the cold mountain had received over four feet of snow during the last two weeks, but to see all of it blanketed over the ground, trees, buildings, and cars with such a bright, soft white it was a sight they had not expected.

Or maybe it was the trees in their dominating height with their snow-covered branches blocking only portions of the sun. And as snow fell from the branches hitting the raise of sunlight piercing through, it almost seemed as though the Cold Mountain was showing off; demonstrating its brilliance and majesty to the two travelers.

Even though the two were surrounded by hundreds of people all skiing and snowboarding, running and sliding, it seemed as though they were the only two who the cold mountain was performing for; the only ones that sat back and watched what was happening.

Sliding under the covers, in the cabin at the foot of the cold mountain, the two travelers stair at one another not saying a word as their eyes become heavy. They experienced something special. They had connected with a part of nature. There’s an appreciation for this place for the two of them now.  And as they both drift off to sleep, they will dream of their future with the cold mountain and places like it.  They experienced their life change today, and they were aware of it.


She wakes up to his voice, “Alexa, play I Love You For Sentimental Reason by Nat King Cole.”

She slides down the loft stairs, and he turns to her.

“This is our wedding song.” She says.

“Dance with me” He responds.


They sway in small circles in the middle of the living room. He stops and motions her to look out the side window by the kitchen. The sun is coming up over the ridge of a far off mountain.

“Its time to pack our things, we have places to go my love.”













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