How Giving back to a Mexico Orphanage Changed Our Lives

The value of warmth is something that few people in southern California really stop to consider.  It was on a sixth day in Mexico City that we called the orphanage to ask what we could provide for the children the following day.  The debate over what we should provide the children was mixed.  It being close to Christmas, the general consensus landed on the purchasing of toys. To our astonishment, the volunteer reported that the orphanage had already received a very healthy supply of Christmas toys that were currently spilling out from under their tree.  What the kids did need more than anything were blankets.  The connection made us jump back! Our brand sells Mexican Blankets, made in Mexico, and now here in Mexico we would be providing warmth through dollars raised by blankets we had sold during 2017 in the states. 95 blankets were purchased with the money we raised.  A blanket for every child in the orphanage with ages ranging from 3 months to 16 years old. On the afternoon of our arrival we were welcomed with open arms by the staff.  These amazing men and women have amazing hearts and a dynamic infrastructure to educate, and empower these children.  Their goal is to provide a safe environment where these kids don’t feel different in society just because they are orphans.  They are protective of the children’s security as well as their future success as they grow up.  We carried in 4 jumbo trash bags stuffed with the blankets.  Blythe’s Grandmother had also made little care packages filled with candy, and snacks to pass out.  
As we passed out the blankets one by one we were able to share some time getting to know each of the kids.  Bryan struggled to communicate as his Spanish wasn’t exactly up to snuff with these energetic, fast talking, young locals.  They would look up in bewilderment as he was unable to respond to their comments, running over to Blythe (the native Spanish speaker) asking her, “why is he here if he can’t speak spanish?”  After a about an hour of playing “Kids say the darnedest thing: Mexico edition,” we figured it was time to pack it up and call it a day.  
That experience changed us.  We had started our brand with a mission to give back, and surviving in Mexico was always on our list, but it isn’t until you are there amongst these bright eyed little ones that you know you are on the right path.  We thank God for that day. We thank God for you who purchased our products. With that money we were able to bring warmth and security to 95 children.  We will not know how much of an affect that will make, but we feel it will be a lot.  We say thank you, because they said thank you. We can’t wait to go back and check in, and continue to add support where we can.  \\\

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