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Have a listen to the our stories of our time on the road, our favorite trips, what we love most about being small business owners, our travels and every experience in between.

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Giving back to the Humanity Showers.

We met Jordan, a respected photographer and non profit founder of Humanity Showers a year ago and have loved following his story of serving the homeless community. We will continue to support him and donate when he asks for donations. We recently donated 14 hand sanitizers from a local company and partnered to give the homeless a place of shelter for the night.

Humanity Showers is helping the homeless population in local areas like Oceanside, Fallbrook, and Vista to service them with showers every week. Jordan built the mobile shower trailer from donation and his own funds to service the people in his community. Giving hope to the hopeless and we enjoy partnering with him and helping out whenever he is in need of help. 

Amid this Covid 19 crisis we face, if you want to give directly to his foundation, please visit and help out your community.


Giving back to Orphans in Mexico City.

Hogares Providencia I.A.P Orphanage 

We chose our first place to give back by our Mexican heritage. We donate our time, yearly funds, and travel to Mexico to spend time with the children who benefit from your purchase. 10% of our annual profits are given to an orphanage in the heart of Mexico City. We help a group of 90 kids of children with ages ranging from 4 months to 18 years old. Hogares Providencia I.A.P is the organization that takes care of children and equips them with access to education to allow for a better future, feeling safe and loved through the process. After months of searching for the right fit, we felt called to help. 

Brand Ambassadors inspiring others to #beholdnsee.

We strive to pursue beauty of the outdoors and live to tell stories but what fun is it without friends or the people you meet along the way? Meet our Ambassadors near and far. 

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